Anna Nicole's Lost Diaries To Be Auctioned Off.A bidding war has broken out over ANNA NICOLE SMITH's diaries, in which she talks about a pregnancy scare in the early 1990s, her drug use and her love for late husband J HOWARD MARSHALL.A collector, who lived next door to Smith, claimed the diaries and various Smith memorabilia when her mother was throwing it out - years before Anna Nicole became a big star.He kept the haul and offered it to the bosses of sports memorabilia website late last year (06).Site bosses, STEVEN WOOLF and THOMAS RICCIO, have spent months authenticating the diaries from 1992 to 1995, and now they're selling them to the highest bidder on auction website eBay.In one 1992 journal entry, the tragic model worries about telling a boyfriend she might be pregnant with his child - and considers abortion.She writes, "He will only support me if I have it. But if I decide to go the other way he won't. I'll be on my own. I think that's tacky. I'm scared."In another "unseen" and "secret diary" she talks about her feelings for late-husband J HOWARD MARSHALL. The journal ends on the day he died in 1995.

And there are also entries detailing the pills Anna Nicole took before going to bed.

Riccio insists the diaries stand to net him and his partner a small fortune: "People are putting the estimated value per diary at $500,000 to a million.

"Anna Nicole just pours out her soul, page after page, and it's an unbelievably interesting read. It's like a soap opera. It starts with nothing, and it ends up with her finding the fame that she craved."

The live auction of Anna Nicole's items will be auctioned off on 22 March (07).

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