ANNA NICOLE BUSTS OUT ABOUT HER BREASTS Busty ANNA NICOLE SMITH is happy with her perfect breasts after undergoing five operations to get them just right. The model/actress lost her boobs when she gave birth to her son in 1986 and she spent years getting them back to their original state - and then supersized them.

But in the process, she went from too small to too big. The 37-year-old reveals, "I went up to 211 (pounds) so I stretched to double-Fs, and when I lost all the weight I went way back down, except my skin didn't. It was not pretty." The busty blonde admits she opted for a C-cup implant but didn't like the way her nipples pointed downwards, so she supersized to a D, then a double-D and then an F before settling for her current choice, the size of which she refuses to disclose. But she's happy to clear up a few rumours about implants: "I've heard a rumour that I have two implants in each boob. Now, if anyone could show me how that would work I'd really like to ```see it myself." She explains her new breasts are like tyres - they need changing from time to time: "You get scar tissue. You have to go in every five years and change them out."

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