Anna Nicole Smith had a wild night of lesbian passion with a sexy barmaid, it has been claimed.The busty blonde, who has previously admitted to bisexual tendencies, had been playing bingo for charity at Hollywood restaurant Hamburger Mary's last week when the attractive bar girl, said to be called Tracy, caught her eye. According to reports, Anna immediately started flirting with the attractive blonde before heading home with her when she finished her shift. The next day, the barmaid came back into work boasting of her sexual escapades with Anna Nicole and began showing off pictures of herself taken on her digital camera handcuffed to a bed and covered in love bites. A source is quoted on America's New York Post newspaper as saying: "Tracy wasn't keeping it a secret. Anna Nicole put her in handcuffs and her neck was covered with hickeys"Anna Nicole was also doing that butt-slapping thing - it was bizarre"

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