THAT '70S SHOW ENJOY KABBALAH HOLIDAYSThe cast of THAT '70S SHOW are delighted the comedy's stars ASHTON KUTCHER and WILMER VALDERRAMA are studying the Controversial Kabbalah - because they get time off during Jewish holidays.PUNK'D host Kutcher was introduced to the mystical offshoot of Judaism last year (03) when he begun dating DEMI MOORE and co-star Valderrama has since welcomed his young girlfriend LINDSAY LOHAN to the following.According to American gossip columnist ASHLEY PEARSON, Kutcher has grown so devout to the Kabbalah, he has insisted the show halt to observe Jewish High Holy Days.Kutcher and Moore recently toured Israel on a holy pilgrimage together.Click To Get all the latest Film and Music News, Reviews. and Gossip.

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