Ashton Kutcher was left fuming after movie bosses ordered him to take off his Kabbalah bracelet while shooting new film 'The Guardian'.The handsome actor, who is married to Demi Moore, was forced to remove the religious trinket, a red string band, against his wishes.At first, Ashton admits he was livid about the decision but did remove the bracelet after being told it would have to be digitally removed after filming finished.He is quoted by Britain's Star magazine as saying: "I wasn't happy at first but to remove it digitally is beyond silly."Last year, Ashton said the best thing about marrying Demi was losing his 'boy toy' tag.The 'Punk'd' star - who, at 27, is 15 years younger than his new wife - admits he was starting to get annoyed with the comments made about their age gap but now they are wed it has been forgotten.He said at the time: "I'm proud to be the husband of Demi Moore and the step-father of her three wonderful girls.

"I hope the love we share can resonate around the world so that someday I can hear its echo. Besides, 'boy toy' just never sat well with me."

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