Avril Lavigne is set to have significant dental work because she is so self-conscious about her "fangs".The 'Girlfriend' singer - who is married to Sum 41 guitarist Deryck Whibley - is so worried about her pointy molars she is determined to have them corrected.A source close to the singer told America's Star magazine: "Avril hates her fangs. She is planning on having them filed down by a cosmetic dentist. It's just something she has always been insecure about, especially since everyone is staring at her mouth when she sings. "As soon as Avril finds some time to take off so it won't interfere with her singing, she's getting it done."It was recently reported the YouTube video for Avril's single 'Girlfriend' has earned the 23-year-old singer a staggering $1 million.Every time the video is viewed - so far over 100 million times - an advert is played and Avril receives a set fee.

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