Avril Lavigne will spend her 21st birthday next month gambling in Las Vegas.

The singer says she is celebrating reaching the legal betting age in the US with a massive celebration in the casino capital

She revealed: "I'm going to have a big bash in Las AngelesI'm not sure whether I'll do a show or just have a huge party"The weekend after, I'm going to take all my friends to Las Vegas because I'll be old enough to go in the casinos. It's going to be awesome!" Meanwhile, Avril insists she's growing up - because she's quit trashing hotel roomsThe 20-year-old smashed up several luxury suites when she started her career, but claims her rock and roll antics are historyShe added to Britain's Top of the Pops magazine: "I've had my fair share of trashing hotel rooms but I don't really do that anymore because I'd have to pay for it and I'm not immature like that

"I did it when I was younger The first night we all became a band, we smashed pictures and threw everything upside down!"

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