David and Victoria Beckham are suing their former nanny after she revealed intimate secrets of their relationship to a British newspaperA source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Victoria feels she has been let down by Abbie, but now she wants to get even"If she can get revenge on Abbie through the legal system she will" Gibson, who lived with the couple for two years while she cared for their sons says she once heard David brand his wife - who was seven months pregnant with their third child, Cruz, at the time, a "f**king bitch"The 27-year-old, who quit her job earlier this month after a row with Victoria, also reinforced claims that David had cheated on his wifeBus as news of the legal proceeding emerged, Abbie's spokesman, Max Clifford, said his client stood by her claimsYesterday (26-05-05) the high-profile couple, who are also suing the newspaper that published the allegations, were spotted out for the first time since the allegations surfaced Victoria, who gave birth to the couple's third child, Cruz, earlier this year, was snapped leaving an exclusive Madrid jewellery store with two-year-old son Romeo, while David trained with his Real Madrid team mates

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