FATHERHOOD PROMPTS AFFLECK TO DITCH PARTIES: BEN AFFLECK has ditched Hollywood parties for a more serene life since his wife JENNIFER GARNER became pregnant, according to his director pal KEVIN SMITH. DAREDEVIL co-stars Affleck and Garner, who wed at the end of June (05), after expecting the arrival of their first child together this winter (05). And while Affleck has been notedly absent from his beloved poker tables, he's also become less of a fixture at Tinseltown gatherings. Smith says, "He seems to have settled down, regardless. He hasn't been a party guy for a little while now. "I think it's phenomenal. I think he'll be a fantastic dad. When we were working on JERSEY GIRL, we had a lot of babies on our set, and he was always really great with them. "I think most guys are like me - they tend to shy away from other people's kids because you never want to be the a*s that drops somebody's baby. He was fearless. He would scoop them up and throw them into the air."

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