Billie Piper wants to get married and start a family with her law-student boyfriend.The 'Doctor Who' beauty, who is separated from husband Chris Evans, admits she would love to get hitched again and has been feeling very broody in recent months.She said: "I am thinking about those things now. More so than all my friends - they're a lot older than me, but they're not even thinking about babies.'The blonde 23-year-old shocked the showbiz world when she married media mogul Evans, then 35, when she was just 18.The couple split two years ago, but despite Billie's last marriage imploding, the actress insists her new man, Amadu Sowe, has made her believe in love again.She revealed to Britain's In Style magazine: "Amadu is all about the family. I've never known love like that before, and it made me think, 'I want a bit of that'. It kind of forced me to get to know my family again. Another reason why he's so lovely.'

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