Brad Pitt was reportedly left red-faced after being snubbed by 'Friends' beauty Courteney Cox.The loyal actress showed her support for close friend Jennifer Aniston - Brad's ex-wife - by giving the actor the cold shoulder when they bumped into each other at the Beverly Hills Hotel.Brad wanted to buy a drink for Courteney, who has often counselled Jennifer following her split from Brad and his new romance with actress Angelina Jolie, but was allegedly left embarrassed when she tried to ignore him.An onlooker is quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "Brad really got the brush-off. Courteney saw him making his way across the room and swivelled in her chair to face the opposite way. Brad stood right next to her and tried to strike a conversation but she was having none of it."It was embarrassing for Brad. He had a few friends with him and she just made him look stupid. He tried to buy her a drink but she politely told the barman she didn't want one."The source added: "Brad walked away with his tail between his legs and a look of bemusement on his face."

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