Britney Spears has reportedly splashed out on a new restaurant for her troubled father to run. The sexy singer has bought smoothie store JJ Chill, which sits on Los Angeles' Venice Beach, and has appointed dad Jamie - who recently spent time in rehab for alcohol addiction - as the manager. However, a spokesperson for Britney, who has become one of the shop's most devoted customers, insists Jamie bought the restaurant himself, with his own money. It is not the first time Britney has ventured into the hospitality industry, although she will be hoping JJ Chill will not experience the failure of her first restaurant. Last September, the pop babe's New York restaurant, NYLA, was forced to file for bankruptcy after customers complained that both the food and service was poor. Meanwhile, earlier this week it was revealed Britney had written a romantic love poem for new husband Kevin Federline. The newlywed star described her recent honeymoon to Fiji's idyllic Turtle Island in a verse she had posted on her website.

Britney wrote about the "magical nights" she spent with Kevin on the tropical holiday and even admits how she seduced him as soon as they arrived at the luxury resort.

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