Britney Spears has had a new tattoo in tribute to the Kabbalah religion.The sexy star, who became involved in the mystical faith after being introduced to it by close friend Madonna, revealed that she has had a Hebrew symbol inscribed onto the back of her neck. The pop babe says the religious symbol represents "the power of healing" to followers of the bizarre faith, which is an ancient off-shoot of Judaism. The sexy star revealed that the new image was just one of two new tattoos she had during a romantic trip to a tattoo parlour with second husband Kevin Federline. She said: "I have pink dice on my left wrist. It's something me and my husband we did together. He has blue dice, I have pink dice." Last year, Britney was embarrassed after a previous Hebrew tattoo, also on the nape of her neck, was proved to be meaningless by religious experts. A source said at the time: "She had hoped it would say 'New Year' or 'New Era'. It seems she's got the words the wrong way round.

"It is meaningless which will come as a bit of a blow to Britney."

Meanwhile, a Japanese inscription the 23-year-old singer had etched onto her hip bone two years ago was also proved to be fake.

Britney, who has three other tattoos, was said to be distraught when best friend Taryn Manning told her that the permanent image, which was supposed to mean "mysterious" actually turned out to say "strange".

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