Pop legend Cher has jokingly branded chart rivals Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez "hoes". The 57-year-old star, told an audience of 20,000 fans gathered at one of her farewell shows at the North Shore stadium in Auckland, New Zealand, last weekend that she would never be replaced by the young stars after revealing plans to quit part of her 30-year pop career. She said: "I'm not going to give up showbusiness but I'm going to give up touring because, you know, there are all of these young girls coming out like Britney and J.Lo." According to reports, the gathered crowd booed at the mention of the other stars before the star quickly quipped: "I know - they are ho's, aren't they?" But representatives for the two chart stars were quick to dismiss the comments. A representative for the pair hit back at the statement claiming that the 'Believe' singer had no knowledge of the stars to pass such a judgement. A source told the New York Post newspaper: "For someone who has had their fair share of bad press, it is surprising she would comment on two women she hardly knows."

The legendary singer, who is on the final leg of her three-year 'Living Proof' farewell tour, later joked that she had no choice but to force herself to quit touring because her body wouldn't be able to take the demands of live shows if she carried on as long as her fans wanted.

She added: "My boobs would be down to my kneecaps and I would be toothless. So I don't think it is really a good idea to keep touring."

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