Britney Spears has reportedly had a make-or-break weekend away with husband Kevin Federline - in a bid to save their marriage. The pop babe, who is rumoured to be pregnant, and Kevin have holed themselves up in Hawaii's exclusive Four Seasons hotel to try and sort out the problems in their relationship, according to Britain's News of the World newspaper. Sources claim the couple - who married last September after a whirlwind romance - have been having blazing rows and are on the verge of separating. One told the paper: "They just can't go on like this - there has just been row after row over the past few weeks. "Both their families and all their friends have been getting involved and it has got out of hand. They have now been forced to go away by themselves to try to sort it out." Britney's spokesperson confirmed the couple have gone away to "sort their personal problems out". Last week, it was reported Britney had hired a Kabbalah rabbi to help save her marriage.

The sexy singer enlisted the help of a 'spiritual advisor' to give them counselling after the couple recently spent a holiday away together in separate beds.

Britney also asked for mum Lynne's advice as she battled to save her stormy union.

A source said at the time: "On paper, Britney and Kevin are over. They spend most of their days apart. And for a couple who have only been married seven months, it's very odd behaviour for them to be sleeping in separate beds."

The couple's rows were believed to have started after Kevin allegedly spent the evening with a 'VIP escort' at a Las Vegas nightclub earlier this month.

Britney has also sparked speculation her marriage could be heading for the rocks after she was pictured without her wedding ring.

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