Britney Spears' fans are urging her not to marry Kevin Federline - by wearing caps and t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan: "Just say no." Devoted fans believe the handsome dancer, who has two children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, has led the pop princess astray and are begging their idol not to wed him. The anti-Kevin protestors - who are also displaying their feelings on boxer shorts, bumper stickers, mouse mats, bags and even t-shirts for dogs - have branded Kevin "ugly" and don't think he is good enough for Britney. They are also appalled at the fact that, after walking down the aisle with Kevin, the sexy singer will have married twice in one year, after her impromptu Las Vegas wedding to childhood friend Jason Alexander in January. One Kevin-hater fumed: "This marriage will not last." The 'Just say no' merchandise is available from Britney and Kevin are planning to wed at the Beverly Hills hotel in November. The singer has reportedly ordered 400 bottles of expensive Cristal champagne to celebrate her big day.

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