Britney Spears is set to become a Las Vegas showgirl. The pregnant pop princess is currently in talks to star in her own Vegas show, like Celine Dion and Elton John, after she has given birth to her babyDealmaker Jack Wishna revealed: "I met with Britney, her manager and her lawyers, and we are working on a deal to bring her to the Strip for 'X'-number of weeks in 2007-8-8" Wishna refused to reveal the name of the casino that wants to sign Britney, but admits it is one of the "major" gambling houses on the famous Las Vegas StripHe told America's E! Online website: "This particular property is looking for a big name that will take them to the next level in terms of entertainment, and Britney would certainly do that for them" Both Elton John and Celine Dion have proved having a show in Vegas is big businessIn 2002, Celine signed an impressive 70millionGBP deal to play at the custom-built Colosseum Theatre at Caesar's Palace for three yearsA year later, Elton signed a staggering £36million deal to put on over 300 lavish concerts over a two-year period on Celine's days off

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