Britney Spears has snubbed a lucrative deal to have her own Las Vegas show. The pregnant pop princess was offered the chance to have a regular slot at one of the Strip's top casinos - like Celine Dion or Elton John - which could have made her millions. But she has turned it down, with her spokesperson saying: "There is no Vegas show in the works"Last week, Vegas dealmaker Jack Wishna claimed he had been in talks with Britney about the lucrative showsHe said at the time: "I met with Britney, her manager and her lawyers, and we are working on a deal to bring her to the Strip for 'X'-number of weeks in 20-8-8"Britney is not the only singer to turn down a mega-bucks Vegas deal - last month, Madonna snubbed an offer from WishnaMeanwhile, both Elton John and Celine Dion are still going strong in the gambling capital of the worldIn 2002, Celine signed an impressive 70millionGBP deal to play at the custom-built Colosseum Theatre at Caesar's Palace for three years

A year later, Elton signed a staggering £36million deal to put on over 300 lavish concerts over a two-year period on Celine's days off.

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