Britney Spears has slammed rumours she has had a tummy tuck.The pop beauty was left furious when she read reports alleging she had undergone cosmetic surgery after the birth of her baby son, Sean Preston. The sexy singer, who is married to Kevin Federline, has also dismissed speculation she is depressed. Her spokeswoman, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, revealed: "She is not depressed, nor has she had a tummy tuck"She is a 23-year-old mom who was in amazing shape before she got pregnant and was able to get back in shape after the baby arrived"Meanwhile, Britney has won a court victory against a man who claimed she stole one of his songs. A judge has dismissed a copyright-infringement lawsuit brought against the star by songwriter Steve Wallace, who accused Britney and her record company, Sony/BMG, of using music written by him in her hit song 'Sometimes'.However, Britney's legal team managed to prove in court that the song was completely written by Jorgen Elofsson.The star's lawyer, David R Baum, revealed: "We actually forced the other side to voluntarily dismiss the case. We had presented very compelling -actually indisputable - evidence that the song was independently created by Jorgen Elofsson. It was not created by Mr Wallace"

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