Britney Spears has reportedly consulted lawyers about divorcing Kevin Federline.The pop babe allegedly met with her legal team after becoming fed-up with her husband constantly going out partying and leaving her at home to care for their new son, Sean Preston. A source is quoted in Britain's News of the World newspaper as saying: "Britney has gone through hell and back recently with Kevin. He's been going out and partying, leaving her at home with their son, Sean Preston"Britney has given him a lot of space but he's been taking advantage and doesn't seem to care. She called in the lawyers because she's had enough"Last week, it was claimed the sexy star turned to a psychic to save her ailing marriage. Britney initially begged her husband to see a therapist, but the former dancer refused, allegedly saying: "That's for crazy people If you want to see a shrink, go by yourself"After Kevin's outburst, Britney contacted the medium to ask what the future holds for the troubled couple. A friend of the star told America's Life and Style Weekly magazine: "She wants to know if Kevin will cheat and if the marriage will last"

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