Britney Spears' husband wants to open a nightclub.Kevin Federline is planning to launch the venue in Las Vegas just in case his pop career doesn't take off.A source told America's In Touch magazine: "The last place Britney wants Kevin to be spending his nights is in a nightclub, even if he's the owner. But he thinks it will be a gold mine and that he'll make millions."Meanwhile, Britney has had baby son Sean Preston blessed at a Hindu temple.The pop babe - who also dabbles in Kabbalah, a mystical offshoot of the Jewish faith - took the four-month-old tot to a service at a Malibu temple.The 24-year-old star - who attended the ceremony without Kevin - was even adorned with a red Bindi, the spot Hindi women wear on their foreheads.A source said: "Kevin wasn't there, but Britney was relaxed and smiling."

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