Went & Simpson Bonded Over Jungle Book

Went & Simpson Bonded Over Jungle Book

Pete Wentz and wife Ashlee Simpson named their son Bronx Mowgli in tribute to 'The Jungle Book'.

The Fall Out Boy rocker - who welcomed his first child with Ashlee into the world last week - has revealed the couple are huge fans of Rudyard Kipling's novel, which tells the story of a young boy called Mowgli who grows up in the jungle and is raised by animals.

Pete said: "'The Jungle Book' was something that me and Ashlee bonded over. It's a cool name."

The 29-year-old musician also refused to reveal the inspiration behind the name Bronx.

He added to US radio host Ryan Seacrest: "We came up with the idea Bronx. We've been throwing ideas back and forth a while. People are stoked or angry whatever. And you're like, you know what - I don't think anyone really has the real story."

Pete felt like he was "having a heart attack" when 24-year-old Ashlee first went into labour, adding: "My heart started beating real fast. You see your wife is in all this pain. And I don't know what's happening right now. She took care of me and made sure I was OK and then went into labour. That's why she's a saint."