DIAZ EXPERIENCES LION ATTACK ON SAFARICAMERON DIAZ had the scare of her life while filming new MTV travel show TRIPPIN' in Africa when a lion charged two of her cameramen.The CHARLIE'S ANGELS star was preparing to go on a balloon ride over the Serengeti early one morning when she heard cries for help from her crewmen who had wandered off into the bush on a toilet trip.She says, "I can hear, I know exactly, like instinctually (sic) (it's) the paws of this cat just running and I hear this growling and then I hear this 'Aarrrghh'."I was like, 'Was that TONY or TRIPP, I'm not sure...' It was one of the lions charging a couple of the guys."They ran like little babies back into the house. I, of course, grabbed my camera and ran outside.The actress also had a hairy encounter with a huge millipede while she was on the toilet.

She recalls, "I was over going to the bathroom out at this crocodile facility that we're at.

"I'm, like, in the most precarious position, completely vulnerable and this millipede comes crawling out of the toilet and it's got, like, a zillion fingers coming out... I can do anything but insects."

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