Cate Blanchett Stops Washing Her Hair.Oscar winner Cate Blanchett has stopped washing her hair in an effort to do her bit to save the environment and become a green example to her kids.The actress admits she has installed timers all around her home to restrict energy levels - and one is even on her shower head.Now she's no longer washing her hair, Blanchett has realised, "I only need to have a two minute shower."She adds, "I went to a website and my husband was laughing at me because a box arrived with 30 timers, and I thought, 'Excellent, stocking fillers!'" The Elizabeth star has decided to do as much as she can to save energy after a recent visit to drought-ravaged Lake Samonsvale, north of Brisbane, Australia.She tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, "I'm extremely concerned about climate change as a mother, because I want to ensure for my children a very safe and sustainable future."It's great to see my children engaged in these things, like when you put the water on when you put the toothbrush under the tap, you turn it off the minute you take it out and you don't let the water run."The Australian star has also limited her car use and has switched her household power supply to green power.

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