Cate Blanchett had her breasts "strapped down" for her latest movie.The Oscar-winning actress plays legendary singer Bob Dylan in the new biopic 'I'm Not There' - directed by Todd Haynes - and admits she had to make some major adjustments to her body.She said: "I had to strap those breasts down, and just go for it!"Blanchett wanted to star in the film after seeing Haynes' controversial movie 'Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story', which acted out the tragic anorexic singer's life story with Barbie dolls.She added in an interview with W magazine: "It was really emotionally honest, this Barbie doll barfing into the toilet." Earlier this month, Haynes revealed Blanchett was terrified of playing Dylan at the time of his folk-rock period.Haynes said: "Cate was scared. She told me many times this was a very scary challenge for her.

"I told her, 'You can't be totally terrified every time you do a new role, but it's good to be terrified sometimes. You're taking risks, you're putting yourself on a potential arrow, that when you really discover new things, and you rejuvenate.'

"And that's probably why she decided to give it a shot."

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