Charlize Theron is terrified her breasts are sagging.The 32-year-old actress believes she has turned wrinkly and developed droopy boobs since turning 30.She said: "I'm 32 and as you get older you get wrinkles and your boobs sag. You get wisdom too, so it's not all bad. But you can't really do anything about ageing."The South African star also revealed her body issues are putting her off motherhood.She said: "Getting pregnant doesn't excite me, but having kids does. I know I'll be a mother one day."It's just that I don't really want to look like a whale!"But I'm sure the idea of something growing inside you is pretty powerful."

Theron is not the first star to express concerns over the impact of childbirth and the pull of gravity on their breasts.

Singer-and-actress Jessica Simpson, 27, recently said: "If I have kids and my breasts end up hanging to my waist, that's when I might start to think about having something done to them. Right now, they're perky and cute!"

Theron's new film 'In the Valley of Elah' - in which she plays a police officer - is due out later this year.

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