Charlotte Church is fuming after a topless photograph she sent to her boyfriend got into the wrong hands. The Welsh singing sensation sent the photo, showing her cradling her breasts, to boyfriend Gavin Henson's mobile phone, but it has ended up being offered for sale to newspapers for 20,000GBP. A friend of the star said: "She is distraught over this. She never thought it would be seen by anyone but Gavin." Charlotte texted the picture to rugby star Gavin before his crucial game against Ireland, but he reportedly misplaced his phone in the post match celebrations and it was circulated among his friends' phones. The source added: "Lots of Gavin's friends have seen it now. Charlotte is really embarrassed and her mother is none too happy either." Just before she started dating Gavin, Charlotte was similarly embarrassed when her ex-boyfriend Kyle Johnson sold intimate details of their relationship to a newspaper.

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