Charlotte Church is reportedly furious with her boyfriend after the topless photograph she sent him was seen by hundreds of people. The Voice of an Angel sent the raunchy photo to rugby star Gavin Henson's mobile before a crucial game, saying: "It's for your eyes only." But it was seen by many of Gavin's friends and by Tuesday (29.03.05) it was being offered to newspapers for £20,000. The Welsh singing sensation is now said to be fuming at him for allowing the photo to get into the wrong hands: A source close to the pair said: "Charlotte hit the roof." It is believed Gavin misplaced the phone in the post-match celebration with his team-mates after they stormed to a Grand Slam victory against Ireland. The 18-year-old millionaire is reportedly livid that the rugby star has allowed this to happen. The source continued: "She couldn't believe he could be so stupid as to let it fall into the hands of the Welsh rugby squad." Earlier this week, Charlotte was left blushing and her mum fuming when she discovered the topless photo was being circulated around South Wales.

Another source said: "She is so embarrassed and her mum has hit the roof big time."

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