CHURCH: 'I'VE NEVER TAKEN DRUGS'Teen star CHARLOTTE CHURCH has laughed off reports she smokes cannabis, claiming the press confused a herbal cigarette for marijuana.The Welsh singer, 19, was photographed smoking an unusual-looking cigarette last year (04), leading to speculation she was indulging in the illegal substance.But Church insists the cannabis claim was one of many lies published about her.She says, "There have been ridiculous tabloid rumours."My favourite one was when a tabloid tried to make out I was smoking a spliff in this picture when it was actually a BERKELEY menthol."Church is also furious with claims she was engaged to her ex-boyfriends - KYLE JOHNSON and STEVEN JOHNSON (no relation). p>She explains, "There were rumours that I was pregnant, that I was engaged to Steven and to Kyle.

"Also that I'm singing at JORDAN's wedding. I met her once and I like her, but that was it."

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