CHURCH SHOUTED ABUSE AT HENSON ON FIRST MEETINGSinger CHARLOTTE CHURCH has laughed off reports her relationship with new boyfriend GAVIN HENSON was "love at first sight" from the beginning - because she told him to "fuck off" when they first met.The 19-year-old star had just had a blazing row with her ex-lover KYLE JOHNSON, and when she heard her name being called she shouted abuse, mistakenly thinking it was Kyle, and not the Welsh rugby star.She recalls, "It was last November... I'd just had an argument with Kyle. "I was storming down the street and someone shouted 'Charlotte!' so thinking it was Kyle, I turned back and said 'Fuck off'."But then I saw it was Gav and he introduced himself.

"He asked for my number and I said no but about a week before the SIX NATIONS (rugby championship) I saw a picture of him.

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