Charlotte Church says that meeting Britney Spears was a huge disappointment - because the singer didn't want to meet her.

The 'Crazy Chick' singer said: "I met her at an 'NSync party when she was still with Justin Timberlake."Her manager said, 'Hi! Britney really wants to meet you!' Britney turned around and went, 'Nice to meet you!' before turning around to keep chatting with her friends.She wanted to meet me so much she only uttered four words to me!"

The sexy singer has also admitted her bad luck with American stars is longstanding.The star says as a 14-year-old she missed out on the chance to work with R'n'B legend Puff Daddy.She added in an interview with Britain's Smash Hits magazine: "When I was 14, Puff Daddy asked me to work with him.But my record company wouldn't let me because I was 'angelic' and he was a rapper. Gutted!"

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