Charlotte Church has confessed she likes nothing more to wind down from her showbiz lifestyle by chilling out with her grandmother. The 'Crazy Chick' singer claims she likes to forget about the pressures of fame by spending quality time with her elderly relativeShe said: "We hang out all the time We've got a pub quiz team called 'Mo's Gang' named after my nan We've won loads of times"The 19-year-old star also says her parents' pub is the perfect refuge from her hectic celebrity lifestyleShe added: "The pub is really amazing All the regulars look after me and turf any photographers and journalists out I hang out there with my nan and her pals" Meanwhile, Charlotte has revealed the title of her new album comes from her rollercoaster years as a teenager The sexy star, who is dating Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson, claims she was inspired to call the record 'Tissues and Issues' because it summed up her rise from child star to fully-fledged entertainer

She told Britain's Smash Hits magazine: "Basically I was talking with some of my mum's mates about my teenage traumas One of them just said it and it kind of summed things up"

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