Charlotte Church has revealed she asked Tony Blair for a tax rebate on the millions she earned as a child singer. The beautiful star, who was outraged for being stung for thousands of pounds long before she had the right to vote, revealed: "I've been paying 40 per cent tax since I was 12, which I don't really appreciateAnd I said to Tony, 'I don't understand why I've had to pay tax since I was 12 when I can't drink, I can't vote, I can't do fuck all' "And he said, 'Ah, ah, ah, I see your point', and walked away I was like, shit, I was looking for a tax rebate"Meanwhile, Charlotte has revealed she was ready to give up her music career at 14 - because she hated her manager so muchThe sexy singer said she "couldn't stand" music impresario Jonathan Shalit so much she refused to sing until he had been dismissedShe revealed: "I couldn't stand the man I told my mum, 'If I have to work with him, I'm not singing another note' She said, 'This will cost you so much Charl, you'll have to pay him off' I said, 'I don't care'"

Shalit was eventually paid off with a £12million settlement

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