Charlotte Church has had a furious bust-up with her ex boyfriend - for revealing sex secrets of their relationship.

The Welsh singing sensation was seen arguing with former love Kyle Johnson outside her Cardiff apartment in the early hours of yesterday morning (23-05-05).According to eye witnesses, Church, 19, was overheard directing a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse at the jobless 20-year-old for selling steamy details of their romance to a newspaper earlier this year.One onlooker said: "You could clearly hear Charlotte having a go at him".She was saying, 'You've had your money - you slagged me off'."She'd had a drink and was very angry there was a lot of swearing".At one point, things threatened to turn violent, but police arrived and calmed the volatile situation down.The source added: "Things were very heated, there was a bit of pushing and shoving but no real violence".

According to reports, the trouble began after Church and Kyle unexpectedly bumped into each other in a Cardiff bar.

The 'Crazy Chick' singer - whose current boyfriend, Welsh rugby ace Gavin Henson, is in New Zealand with the British and Irish Lions rugby team - and Kyle traded insults and two men, believed to be friends of the pair, were involved in a minor altercation.

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