CHARLOTTE CHURCH HITS BACK AT BASSEY'S DRINKINGCHARLOTTE CHURCH has hit back at fellow Welsh singer DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY's claims she drinks too much - by pointing the finger at Bassey's own alcohol habits. The bitter feud between two of Cardiff's most successful females started when Bassey slammed the teenager's excessive binge drinking earlier this month (JUL05).In a radio interview for a London station on Monday (11JUL05), the CRAZY CHICK star fumed at Bassey's attack - accusing the 68-year-old singer of always being drunk on champagne. She fumes, "I don't know why she's always so nasty about me. I mean she's a bit wrinkly, isn't she?"She has a cheek - she's always drinking champagne. She's always drunk."I go out once a week, I'm really not that excessive, so Shirley Bassey needs to shut up.

"I have met her, she was OK, but rude."

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