Charlotte Church's grandmother has banned her from sleeping with boyfriend Gavin Henson. The teenage singer has confessed her beloved nan won't let the lovebirds share a bed if they stay round her house. She revealed to Britain's Heat magazine: "I can stay with my nan if Gavin is away. But I don't think Nan would be too happy if I brought Gavin round. We'd have to sleep in separate beds and I don't want that." However, despite Nan's sex ban, Gavin insists he is getting on well with Charlotte's family. The rugby hunk confessed: "It is the most serious relationship I have ever had, but it's still early days. I couldn't want anything else at the moment. And I really like her family, they're all pretty cool." In the past, Charlotte's mother, Maria, has warned her off boyfriends, including Steven Johnson and Kyle Johnson - but she seems to approve of Gavin.

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