Christian Bale is set to play another superhero.The actor - who has played Batman in both 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' - is said to be the number one choice to play Dr. Strange in movie studio Marvel's latest comic book adaptation.A source said: "Christian is hot property right now, courtesy of Batman. Doctor Strange is a very different kind of hero to Batman and it's felt Christian is the sort of actor who can make the part work on screen."It is understood a deal could be struck in the coming weeks."The Welsh-born star "tops the list" of movie bosses to portray Dr. Strange, a former surgeon who becomes a powerful sorcerer after a car accident leaves him unable to perform operations.Bale also plays hero John Connor in the upcoming 'Terminator Salvation' and has signed on for two more sequels in the science-fiction franchise. He has also expressed an interest in reprising his role as Batman if a third film is confirmed.

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