Christina Aguilera has a crush on Halle Berry.The 'Dirrty' singer - who famously French-kissed Madonna during a raunchy performance at 2003 MTV Video Music awards - confessed she is attracted to women and loves looking at their naked bodies.She told British TV station Channel 4: "I think the female body is really beautiful and sometimes I think the sight of a female nude body can be more attractive than a male's - but that's just me."When asked if there was a particular woman she would like to get down and dirty with, the singer admitted she thought Halle Berry was "beautiful".She said: "Halle Berry is a very beautiful woman, but I'm not saying yes or no."The 25-year-old also says her husband, music executive Jason Bratman, does not mind her same-sex urges.She said: "He supports my little ways. It's OK by him."

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