Christina Aguilera has spoken publicly for the first time about her pregnancy.The 'Dirrty' singer - who has remained tight-lipped on speculation she is expecting her first child with husband Jordan Bratman for months - has finally confirmed she will "enter into mommyhood" next year.When asked about her New Year's resolutions for 2008, she said: "That'll be about the time I enter into mommyhood, so I'm hoping to have started a beautiful family."The 26-year-old singer - who is believed to be around six months pregnant - also gushed about how supportive Jordan had been. She told Glamour magazine: "Oh, he's thrilled! He's just great. He's so supportive and amazing through everything. He came with me on the last leg of the tour and he was my support system. I'm a lucky girl."Christina added she is determined to keep the "right balance" between her family life and music career and only intends to surround herself with "honest" people.She said: "I want to get it right, to balance that well with my career. When you get married and have a teammate in life, you don't have time for the people around you that are just going to weigh you down.

"I'm all about peace and keeping people that are honest and loving in my life."

Last month, Christina held a private baby shower for family and friends where she reportedly revealed she is naming her baby after Jordan.

A source said: "She rubs her baby bump and talks to the baby, calling it Jordy."

Paris Hilton was the first person to publicly announce the star was pregnant, when she sent her best wishes to Christina at a Las Vegas nightclub, saying: "Congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world."

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