Christina Aguilera's mother has slammed reports claiming her daughter is losing her hair. Following rumours that the 'Dirrty' singer has changed her hairstyle to cover bald patches, Shelly Kearns has insisted her daughter still has a full head of hair. She said: "I think there would be an awful lot of bald women and girls running around if changing your hair colour too often made it fall out. "Christina's got excellent hair people looking out for the health of her hair all the time." Last week, America's New York Post newspaper claimed the sexy singer's recent image change to 1950s screen goddess, complete with curly blonde locks, is said to be designed to cover up bald spots. A source revealed at the time: "Her hair is falling out. Her new look is supposed to cover up the hair that she's already lost. They don't know if it's alopecia, the disease, or if it's from wearing extensions all these years." Christina's past hairstyles have included long black extensions, blonde dreadlocks and tight curls.

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