Christina Aguilera is reportedly following a bizarre eating regime - based on the texture and colour of her food. The sexy singer is said to be rigidly following the diet in which each meal is made up of four food items; one crunchy, one soft, one hot and one cold.The plate must also be made up of food in bold, contrasting colours.A source close to the voluptuous star, revealed: "Christina is sticking to it religiously."She has a chef with her most of the time to whip up exactly the right meal." Meanwhile, Christina has turned down a cameo in 'The Simpsons'. The blonde was offered a part in the latest series but snubbed the offer.Producers had wanted the 'Dirrty' singer to play an aspiring pop star competing in a parody of US TV talent show 'American Idol.'

However, Christina, 24, rejected the part forcing producers to look elsewhere.

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