Raunchy singer Christina Aguilera is to front a documentary encouraging teenagers to remain virgins.The 'Dirrty' singer, who is famed for her sexy outfits and steamy stage shows, has interviewed a group of teenagers who have vowed to stay virgins until their wedding night for MTV's 'Sex, Votes and Higher Power'.The star returned to her home city of Pittsburgh to speak to the group, who are part of the movement Silver Ring Thing, about the importance of not having pre-marital sex.In one scene, Christina stuns a young virgin couple, Gordo and Julie, by asking if they would go as far as "dry humping", before inquiring if "touchy feely, over clothes" is too much. The red-faced teenagers tell her they just like to kiss, hold hands and cuddle. Christina was desperate to get involved with the film, which also deals with sex education, abortion and domestic violence, after reading up on some shocking statistics. The 23-year-old singer, who is engaged to Jordan Bratman, said: "Every year one in four sexually active teens gets a sexually transmitted disease and more than one in three young women gets pregnant before aged 20, almost always by accident."

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