Pop rebel CHRISTINA AGUILERA's naughty nurse advert for SKECHERS trainers has been shelved after complaints from America's nursing body. The DIRRTY singer dons a skimpy nurse's outfit and suspenders for the "Naughty and Nice" themed ad, in which she threatens to inject her injured doppelganger, who is suffering from a sore head and knee. SANDY SUMMERS, executive director of the CENTER FOR NURSING ADVOCACY, is delighted Skechers has withdrawn the ad after the group urged members to sign a petition, which was sent to the footwear company. Summers says, "This ad simultaneously exploits the 'naughty nurse' and the battleaxe/NURSE RATCHED stereotypes, setting the nurse up both as an available sex object and a mock-malevolent authority figure, rather than a competent professional." Previously Miss Aguilera had pleaded with American women to vote in the forthcoming presidential elections. The 'Dirrty' singer says all women need to vote as it would help to protect against domestic violence.The first-time voter - whose mother, Shelly Kearns, was beaten up by Christina's father - said: "I grew up in an abused family.

It's embarrassing and shameful to know I haven't been part of voicing my opinion as a female and as a women."

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