PROTECTIVE OWEN'S FURY AT PAPARAZZIBritish movie star CLIVE OWEN is disturbed when the paparazzi take pictures of his young children - and insists this invasion of privacy should be made illegal.The hunky CLOSER actor is outraged when aggressive snappers descend on his family - and although he knows he has to put up with it as a celebrity, he is desperate to protect his kids from the frightening onslaught.He tells COSMOPOLITAN magazine, "I'd love it to be made illegal. When you're walking along the street with a five-year-old girl and a guy runs up and very aggressively starts taking pictures, it's very frightening for t he little one."You get very instinctively protective when children are involved. I'm fair game - I have to deal with anything that happens out there.

"But there's something very unsettling when it comes to children."

Meanwhile the english actot has recieved the backing if his Sin City co-star BRITTANY MURPHY, who is urging JAMES BOND producers to cast her SIN CITY co-star CLIVE OWEN as the next 007 p>The English actor admitted last week (23MAY05) that while no one had yet approached him, he would love to take over PIERCE BROSNAN's role as the suave superspy.And Murphy is supporting his bid, and set aside time at the British premiere of Sin City last night to enthuse: "I've been a fan of Pierce Brosnan for years and years. But if Pierce doesn't play Bond I think Clive would do an outstandingly superb job.

"He's devastatingly gorgeous - and married."

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