Colin Farrell has a special pair of lucky underpants.The Irish actor says the boxer shorts have brought him such good fortune he now wears them on the first day of every film he makes. Farrell admits the underwear, covered in lucky shamrocks, are his most treasured item of clothing. The 'Alexander' heartthrob said: "They have these Irish shamrocks on them and it says 'Luck of the Irish' on the band, and I wear them on the first day of every film I do. "They're my lucky charm. And if I don't have them with me I won't come out of the trailer - I'd shoot myself. "They're starting to get a bit old now but I could never ever part with them." Meanwhile, Colin admits he has an active love life - and says he will never marry.

The 28-year-old actor, who admits being a celebrity makes it easier for him to get sex, revealed to Britain's Ms London magazine: "I'm in movies so of course I'm going to find it easier to get laid all the time.

It's obvious. So it's not necessarily anything to do with my charm."

Colin, who was once married to actress Amelia Warner for four months, added: "I don't see myself getting married again."

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