ALICE IN CHAINS STAR BROUGHT IN TO HELP COURTNEY LOVEFormer ALICE IN CHAINS star JERRY CANTRELL has been called in to collaborate with COURTNEY LOVE on her upcoming solo album.The guitarist has joined ex-SMASHING PUMPKINS star BILLY CORGAN in the studio with Love.Cantrell tells MTV NEWS, "She's (Love) an interesting character. We've gotten together a few times to work on some stuff for her next solo album."She's been working with a bunch of people. I know Billy Corgan's been over there. But I threw a few things at her, and I think we've come up with something different."Meanwhile, Cantrell has formed a new covers band, CARDBOARD VAMPYRES (corr), with THE CULT's BILLY DUFFY, bassist CHRIS WYSE and former JELLYFISH frontman ERIC DOVER.

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