David Beckham was snapped playing 'footsie' with a mystery woman - while wife Victoria sat beside him. The photographs show the football ace sitting at a dinner table with his bare toes resting against the hem of the girl's jeans. But onlookers say the foot faux par was not intentionalA source told Britain's Daily Record newspaper the star couple were out enjoying a meal with two friends in the Spanish city of SevilleHe revealed: "They enjoyed a relaxed night out and they all let their hair down"No one would possible have noticed if David inadvertently overstretched slightly after his meal - except the person on the other side of the table"Earlier this week, Beckham slammed the British public for "building up" their sports stars only to knock them downHe claims his life has been made a misery by false allegations of adultery and attacks on his sporting ability

However the 30-year-old admits he wasn't surprised by the personal attacks because the British love to try and rubbish their idols

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