HASSELHOFF LEFT INCREDULOUS AT BEHAVIOUR OF SUICIDAL FANActor DAVID HASSELHOFF is amazed at the lengths some of his fans go to in order to meet him - but he was especially taken aback when one admirer tried to kill herself to get his attention.The crazed lady had become so fixated with former BAYWATCH star Hasselhoff that she jumped out of a high-storey window when she couldn't speak to him.But the actor was left surprised when he heard the fan's near-death experience hadn't left her any less determined to meet a celebrity.Hasselhoff recalls, "A woman threatened to jump out of a window unless she met me. She jumped, hit some awning and broke her leg."A policeman went to see her in hospital and said, 'Listen, Miss, you're still not going to meet DAVID HASSELHOFF.'"So she said, 'Do you know any other celebrities I could meet?'"

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