Dita Von Teese loves being a sex symbol - for both men and women.The burlesque performer says she loves earning money by flaunting her body - and is thrilled that ladies as well as men buy tickets to see her dance and log on to her website.She said: "Some people say what I do isn't very liberating. I say it's pretty liberating to get $20,000 for 10 minutes work."And as many women as men come to my shows. When I started my website in 1993, it was geared towards men. Now it has more female visitors - not necessarily lesbians, just young women interested in my style."Dita, 33, who is married to rock star Marilyn Manson, thinks women are interested in her because they want tips on how they can become sexier to please their partners.She added to Britain's The Times newspaper: "Most women want to be sex symbols, even if they don't admit it. Imagine being considered not for your mind but for how you look. Sort of fun, don't you think?"

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