Dita Von Teese was a "rave girl" in the 90s and used to wear a pink tracksuit.The burlesque dancer has admitted her glamorous 30s pin-up image is a far cry from how she used to look.Dita said: "I used to be a rave girl in the early 90s, so I have a pink Adidas tracksuit somewhere that I've worn. But it's a lot of effort to do up all those zippers I feel much more comfortable when I have my slip on. "At my most relaxed at home, I wear vintage robes from the 40s. I collect all that stuff, so I wear it. It's more comfortable than a tracksuit, they're not as comfortable as everyone says."Dita insists her classic wardrobe choices are also a cheaper option than sportswear, adding: "It's comfortable for me, and it looks glamorous. It's cheaper too. I can buy a vintage slip from the 50s and it will cost maybe $20. It's cheaper than a vintage tracksuit."

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